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How To Draw Anime Better, More Effectively

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Art of Otaku is the personality-injected "how to draw anime" book by the creators of theOtaku.com, one of the world's largest anime and art websites. It's a more effective, yet fun way to learn how to draw anime better.

Art of Otaku will keep you motivated with its easy-flowing text and bright tutorials. Its presentation lets you absorb the details of each tutorial without having to constantly squint through tiny diagrams or re-read bloated paragraphs.

Art of Otaku is the fun and lasting way to learn! Art of Otaku isn't just a linear journey. Along the way you'll encounter chibi characters who chime in with helpful side commentary and trivia.

And though Art of Otaku is crafted to teach you how to draw anime, you'll never feel like you're reading a textbook. Drawing anime should be fun - an escape from boredom, school, the real world...

Best of all: Because Art of Otaku spans an 852-pages, you're also guaranteed a lasting experience. We know, the length is insane, but the end result is that Art of Otaku will provide you with 5-6 times more value than the typical "how to draw" book.

So if you find yourself with too much idle time, Art of Otaku could be the perfect solution. (And heck, it's also an investment in learning!)

What the media says

Art of Otaku has received rave reviews from many of the top anime and fandom publications online. Before we go on and on about it, here are some reviews we'd like to highlight:

Active Anime "Many Readers Will Find It Easy To Discover Their Own Signature Style"

Art of Otaku is a "must have" for anyone interested in learning how to draw manga and anime. The book provides a fun and simple environment in which to play. Some of the artists even go into detail about creating backgrounds and adding depth. However, while I think all artists interested in this style would benefit from reading Art of Otaku, budding artists will get the most out of this book's innovative style.

Frames per second mag "More Effective"

Taking instruction from the artists of Art of Otaku is a less intimidating, perhaps more effective way for a budding artist to pick up tips and techniques than trying in vain to mimic the animators and manga-ka who usually fill how-to guides with complicated works that showcase their skill in making complicated art look easy. (Read the Full Review)

Anime on DVD "Really Breaks Down The Process"

If you are a beginner looking for an instruction manual that really breaks down the process [of drawing anime] into several steps, [Art of Otaku] does just that. (Read the Full Review)

Sea Slugs anime blog "Rating: 5/5"

Overall, I think Art of Otaku is an excellent resource for learning to draw anime, and it is clearly a book made by fans for fans. (Read the Full Review)

Anime Pulse "Slick"

I just have to say right off the bat that this thing is slick... (Anime Pulse is one of the most popular anime podcasts online.)

Listen to their unfiltered 6-minute audio review:
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GameShout "Overall a great resource"

Very nice...high quality...great book...(This review was done by GameShout's anime channel.)

Listen to their unfiltered 5-minute audio review:
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We recommend reading and listening to all the reviews. We want you to make an informed decision about Art of Otaku.

An innovative approach

A "how to draw anime" book, even if it's fun and lasting, is only as good as its approach. Which is why:

"Art of Otaku will build your confidence with a foolproof step-by-step approach"

The first thing you'll notice when you start practicing through Art of Otaku is that it's 100% foolproof. Each and every possible step is laid out in easy-to-follow detail. We hold your hands the entire way. Thus:

  • You'll follow along with the confidence that you're drawing each step correctly. This saves you from a lot of tedious trial-and-error and lets you spend more time drawing new pieces
  • Your practice artwork will be higher quality, which will lead you to produce better original artwork
  • You'll improve faster, since you won't have to spend a lot of time and energy trying to figure out how to go from step 3 to step 4

Ultimately, you'll produce a lot of small wins. And those small wins will eventually lead you to that one big win: "I drew that!"

Average Reader Rating: 8.7 / 10

"Invaluable Information "

Filled with invaluble information and suggestions for any artist wanting to expand their drawing abilities. Whether it is just on an idea of how to use a new drawing tool, or a whole new style.

~ Ryan Milway (Bel Air, MD)

"Really Good Job!"

I just wanted to say that this guide is really helpful so far! I can draw a lot better and the outcome is much more real looking. You guys did a great job on this! Thank you so much!

~ Melissa Beltrami

Who will I learn from?

Of course, one of the most important elements of any "how to" book is who you're learning from. So, like with everything else in the guide, we followed an innovative path...

"Art of Otaku's EIGHT artist-authors will help you develop your own art style"

With Art of Otaku, you're not limited to the teachings of only one artist with only one approach to drawing. Instead, we scoured our community and recruited 8 of our best artists to co-author Art of Otaku. Each artist has their own distinct style and "voice."

Learning from so many different teachers will expose you to a wide variety of anime art styles, which will help you develop your own unique style. And this is important because no one likes to see "copied" or traced artwork.

Developing your own style is also crucial if you ever want to create your own characters or manga to save for yourself or distribute to friends.

As mentioned earlier, these artists are from our own community, which means they're young, energetic, and have a passion for their artwork. This should keep you inspired, drawing, and entertained, since their skill levels are actually attainable.

Art of Otaku is also distributed by Jlist, one of the largest Japan-import stores in the world.

"Gave Me The Final Inspiration"

I loved it. It gave me the final inspiration I needed to really start learning. I've been wanting to learn for a while, and all I could do well were eyes. Other guides are incredibly short and didn't give me enough explanation.

~ Sarah Wilczynski (Florence)

"One Of The Best"

One of the best drawing guides I've come across...Each [artist] gives you lessons on drawing both male and female characters, along with a lesson on the ever troublesome backgrounds. Another bonus, they also give you coloring tutorials. I would definitly recommend this guide to anyone trying to grab hold of their own style.

~ Nicholaus Chatelain (Carriere)

And, related to how each of our teachers has their own unique style...

Learn to 'jolt' your art with traditional and next-generation tools

It's a fact that the best anime art online uses a mixture of traditional and digital tools. Knowing how to use and even combine these tools will elevate your art to the next level, so you can feel more accomplished when you finish a piece.

...And that's why we made sure to offer tutorials on everything from pencil sketching to inking to watercolors to Photoshop.

But besides spicing up your art, having such a range of tutorials at your disposal will fight off boredom because you'll always have a new tool to try out.

103 people downloaded Art of Otaku on its first day of release. This was from our team's reputation alone.

"Recommend It To Every Artist"

To the guide book that fulfilled all of its promises and so much more, I could only give a 10 out of 10, and I recommend it to every artist who thinks that they will never find a good anime art guide.

~ Roboartemis (Illinois)

"A Lot of Thought And Consideration "

Art of Otaku gives the reader the freedom of developing their own style and making it work for them. You certainly get your money's worth and then some! It seems they really put a lot of thought and consideration into making this guide. ^_^

~ Carrie Butler (Zanesville)

With so many hours of built-in entertainment and so many different artists, styles, and tools to explore, there's no question that you will...

Never buy a sequel book ever again

Art of Otaku is a self-contained one-stop reference. This means you'll never have to juggle between annoying and expensive sequel books. Everything you want will be in one central and searchable place.

This is best because you can spend the extra money saved on things like manga, video games, and anime box sets instead!

Over 500 people have improved their anime artwork by reading Art of Otaku!

"Awesome :)"

Thought I would let you know that Art of Otaku is awesome :)

~ Jennifer

"Definitely The Best"

I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in learning to draw anime. I was also amused with the intro and the little side comments along the way. I liked being given the option to add my own touch to the drawings. This is definitely the best guide to drawing anime I've ever used.

~ Michelle Coakley

"Near perfect."

~ Tiffany Seymour (Belvidere)

"A definite 10/10"

~ Jessie Roussel (St. Hubert, Canada)

Art of Otaku: 'You' friendly

Art of Otaku is a digital book that can be read on any computer with no technical expertise required. And, while we know that digital books can be intimidating: "I hate reading on the computer!", we went to every length to make it both highly readable and printer friendly.

First, Art of Otaku is designed so you can scan and navigate tutorials. This lets you spend more time drawing and less time reading. Drawing is, after all, much more fun.

Second, Art of Otaku is completely printer friendly. No, we'd never advise printing the entire thing. But having it printer friendly gives you some cool options. Here are two quick examples:

  • You can print out individual tutorials and color or draw directly on the paper for practice. This will make your practicing faster and more error proof, so you can really master each tutorial.
  • You take individual tutorials with you on-the-go. And if you ever lose the tutorials or they gets crumpled up, you can just print more copies.

Best of all, because Art of Otaku is digital, you'll have it forever as a permanent reference resource. And if you get a new computer or accidentally delete it, just let us know and we'll rush you a new copy immediately.

Help is always at hand

If you're a little skeptical, that's natural - skepticism is always important online - just keep in mind that Art of Otaku is backed by theOtaku.com, one of the Internet's oldest and most popular anime websites. Also note that theOtaku.com is part of Velegant Inc., a registered NYC-based company. Art Of Otaku's creator is well known in fandom circles and has spoken at numerous conventions across the US.

"Art of Otaku Has Personality"

I'd say it's a good sign when a drawing tutorial's legal disclaimer threatens the use of ninjas! Art of Otaku has personality, the suggestions of several different artists instead of the "your finished drawing must look exactly like this or you FAIL AT LIFE" attitude a lot of guides have. There's room to change things to one's taste, and plenty of detailed examples. And it's not just drawing the lineart -- there are walkthrus for traditional media, and Photoshop tips that even a technodunce like me can figure out."

~ Heidi


I just wanted to say that Art of Otaku is amazing! I have already improved my skills at drawing anime and it has only been about 2 weeks, I'm also amazed at the size of it, I mean with 850 + pages you would think it would be a little too big but it's not, it goes over every aspect of drawing anime and I think whoever reads this feedback should give this product a try. Definite 10/10

~Kannon Wrisley (Jonesport, ME)

The truth is we're very proud of Art of Otaku and will do everything we can to guarantee your happiness with it.

Give Art of Otaku a try with our fully guaranteed trial offer

Because we have a lot riding on our reputation, both with theOtaku.com and with other projects, we guarantee your complete and utter satisfaction.

Art of Otaku's Perfect Guarantee

Purchase Art of Otaku today and start practicing. If at any point, we don't exceed your expectations, we will refund you immediately and you can keep Art of Otaku free of charge. Our thanks for your business. We will take all the risk while you try it out.

Art of Otaku provides you with 500-600% more entertainment and learning than the typical anime drawing guide. As such, it was kind of difficult to price.

In the end, we wanted to make something really special. So we're going to price it at about the cost of a single anime DVD. The final price for Art of Otaku? $19.95.

A Special Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer

After producing Art Of Otaku we came out with another detailed, well-reviewed ebook called Artpreneurship, designed to teach artists everything about the business side of the arts. Artpreneurship sadly never sold as well as Art Of Otaku, but our loss is your gain, as we are now including it free of charge with all orders of Art Of Otaku. We sell this book stand-alone at the same price as Art Of Otaku, so you're getting a tremendous deal.

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Purchase Art Of Otaku today and receive a free copy of Artpreneurship, our well-reviewed guide designed to teach artists how to market their work, manage their time, and make a living doing what they love.

Art of Otaku

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After 15 years we decided to make the book free. Enjoy!

We guarantee that Art of Otaku will make you a better anime artist while entertaining you along the way. If you have any questions or feedback, you can contact Art of Otaku's publisher directly. Click here to email him

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cover (At 852 pages, Art Of Otaku is the BIBLE of how to draw anime)